May 4th

Strength: 3×8 @ 60% shoulder press

In Teams of 4 AMRAP in 20 minutes250m Row/300m RunSlam Ball (Reps)Squats (Reps)Sandbag Get Ups (Reps)Each team member will start in 1 of 4 stations. Team member A will return from the run/row and take over on the slam ball. The team member on the slam ball will move to Squats and squats will move to the Sandbag Getups.  Sandbag Get ups will take off on the Run/Row and the rotation will continue for the duration of the 20 minutes.  Your score is the total number of reps from all 3 movements.

On Ramp,

Shoulder press

Wall ball

Push up


5 rounds:

7 wall ball

7 push up

7 pull ups

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