Team Saturday

“Lost at Sea”

Teams of 2

1k row (1 athlete rows while other holds weight in the front rack) “getting to shore”

400m run ech relay style carrying a kb (running up the beach with supplies)

100 sledge hammer strikes, 1 athlete strikes while other athlete holds kb (cutting through island jungle to find shelter)

60 wall balls, 1 athlete works while other athlete holds unto supplies aka kb (building your shelter, because it says wall haha)

6 rope climbs, 1 works while one holds onto supplies (climbing the tree to get coconuts, we crossfitters love coconut water)

40 alternating box jumps (supplies left at camp, trying to get to high ground to signal for help)

50 alternating burpees (you ran into a wild pig and had to kill it with your bare hands, which I imagine would suck like burpees)

1k row (1 athlete rows while other holds front rack, getting out to the rescue boat where a handsome mustached man saves you)


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