Power clean + front squat + clean + jerk (3 sec pause in split)

– 3 setsHang snatch high-pull, flat footed – 3 x 4

Every 40 sec for 7 rounds

4 muscle ups or 7 c2b pull ups




10 POWER CLEANS 135/95#



-Pause back squats: 3×2 @ 84% (no belt, pause in bottom for 2sec)

-Squat lockouts: 3×5 w 90% of squat (set pins to roughly ¼ squat height, stand up and lockout quickly, descend and reset, use belt)


-Stone to shoulder: 2 sets of max rep in 60sec, alternate shoulders each rep, use heavy stone

-Russian KB swing; 2 sets max rep in 2mins, HEAVY as possible



Every minute on the minute x 30 minutes — complete the following barbell cluster –


1 hang squat clean


1 front squat


1 push press/jerk


Every odd minute also complete 3 strict pullups.  Every even minute complete 3 strict deficit hand stand pushups.  If you cannot do deficit strict HSPU scale it to 6 PERFECT pushups.



Team Wod


Scored like Golf…Lowest Score wins

In teams of two:

2K Row Race

First team to get to 2K gets 1 pt. (Hole in One) and everyone else ends their row.

Remaining teams get 1 pt for every 10 meters not achieved towards 2K


The rest of the WOD objective is to complete it in the fewest possible number of sets. For example, if the WOD contains 10 Pull Ups and it takes you 5,3, and 2 reps to complete the 10, then your score would be 3. This WOD is not for time so you may rest in between sets but there is a 25:00 time cap for the entire 2nd part of the WOD.


Perform the following 8 movements in the fewest possible number of sets.

30 Squats

50 Dips (Ring/GHD/Parallettes)

30 Pull Ups

50 KB Swings (70#/53#)

30 Overhead Squats (45#/35#)

50 Knees to Elbows

30 Wall Balls (20/14#)

300 Rope Jumps (100 DU optional)



Daily News

Hello Crossfit family!

Im working on the box command issues. Dont worry about putting in information until I get everything worked out. Im also working on the Karen challenge presented by Xe durance please sign up on the whiteboard if interested and its 5$ and a week long event.


Awesome Sauce,



Snatch – 60% x 3 x 3

Snatch push press + overhead squat – 3 + 1 x 3

3xMe strict hspu + me kipping hspu

Every 40sec x 7 rounds 6 unbroken c2b pullups or 3 muscle ups





-Deadlift: 4×4 @ 84% (use double overhand grip w/ straps, no bounce, descend & reset)

-Partial deadlifts: 3×8 w/ 84% (set blocks or pins below knee, use straps)

– Dumbbell rows: 3×8 per arm w/ heavy dumbbells

-GHD: 3×7 w/ neutral spine


Every other minute on the minute – 30 sec max effort row for meters and 30 push ups. Usethe remaining time to rest. Continue this until you cannot complete the 30 push ups

Daily News

Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well. Couple of things coming up for StompinGround.

1. We are switching to box command for our gym management system, so if you guys could please click on the sign in/sign up link on the left hand side of the website and create a log in that would be awesome! Also get the box command app for your phone.


2. The WOD will be posted under the daily wod link on the left hand side of the page.


3. The gym will be closed July 4th and 5th


4. Xendurance, which is the supplement company Im sponsored by, wants StompinGround to do a Karen challenge. We would do Karen and then take their product for 2 weeks and then repeat Karen and evaluate the improvement. I need a head count via email for anyone interested.


5. We will be running another paleo challenge very soon, I will keep you posted!