WOD March 1st

Strength:  5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1 Jerk from behind the neck


Three rounds of:
9 Muscle-ups
15 Burpee pull-ups
21 Pull-ups
Run 800 meters

If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Kevin Montoya 26:28 (20lb vest), Rob Miller 26:50 (20lb vest), Carey Kepler 28:17, Lance Cantu 30:07 (20lb vest), Michael Giardina 32:44 (20lb vest).
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U.S. Army Sergeant Jason “Mick” McCluskey, 26, of McAlester, Oklahoma, assigned to the 27th Engineer Battalion, 20th Engineer Brigade, XVIII Airborne Corps, based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was killed on November 4, 2010, when insurgents attacked his unit with small arms fire in Zarghun Shahr, Mohammad Agha district, Afghanistan. He is survived by his son Landen, and his mother Delores Olivares.


5 rounds for time:

400 m Row

15 Wall-ball

7 Burpees

CORE:  3×15 plate sit ups and 50 russian twists 20/15#

WOD Feb 28th

Strength: Deadlift 3×5


20 HSPU Followed by:

3 Rounds

10 Burpee Ball Slams 20/15#

15 Ring Dips

10 KB Swings 70/53/35#

15 GHD Sit ups

CORE: 60 toes to bar

WOD Feb 27th

Strength: Front Squat 5,5,3,3,1,1


Start: 100 Double Unders

5 Rounds of

7 Thrusters 115/75

7 Chest to Bar Pullups

Finish: 100 Double Unders

Core: 50 ab mat situps, 50 Russian Twists 20/8

WOD Feb 26th

Hope you had a great day off! Time to get back in the GYM and Kill some WODS! Sorry for any inconvenience and we missed you too! 8)

Strength: Snatch 5,5,3,3,1,1


21, 18, 15, 12, 9 reps of

Bench Press 135/75


Back Squat 135/95

Core: Tabata Plank Pushup Holds (20 seconds on 10 seconds off x 8 )

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I got to see something truly awesome tonight, and I am kicking myself for not bringing the video camera. Jake’s previous Fran time was 2:29. This was amazing to watch back in October but we knew he could get at least a few seconds faster because for whatever reason he was jumping over the bar to face the rack on each set of thrusters then jumping back over to go the bar. I wanted to point it out but there are a few times when it is NOT appropriate to point something out to your man, the middle of a Fran is one of them. I have been nagging him to give it another go since his pull-ups have been exceptional lately and tonight he got 2:16:49!! His form was awesome and I will be making him do this again shortly so I can post the video. It was truly amazing! Way to go Jake!

WOD Feb 24th

Strength: 3×5 Shoulder Press


Max Box Jumps in 2 min 24/18″

rest 1 min

Max Burpees in 2 min

rest 1 min

Max Wall Balls in 2 min 20/14#

rest 1 min

Max Pull ups in 2 min

rest 1 min

Max Sit ups in 2 min

CORE: 3x 10 Half Moons 20/15/8#     3×10 Back Extension

WOD Feb 23rd

Just a reminder that the gym will be closed on friday, sorry for the inconvenience.

Strength:  3×5 Back Squat


“The Chief”

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:

135 pound Power cleans/95lb for women, 3 reps

6 Push-ups

9 Squats

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles

CORE: 4x30sec plank with one leg lifted/ 3×10 GHD or ab mat sit ups

WOD Feb 22nd

Starting next week the elements classes and the wod classes will not be combined allowing Dan and myself to give as much attention to the clients as possible. Separating the classes will allow more one on one time hopefully allowing you guys to get the most out of these classes.  The gym will be closed all day friday due to prior engagements I apologize if this causes an inconvienence, but take friday to relax and recover so you can come back saturday and hit it hard.

Thanks, Jake

Strength: 3×5 Bench Press

Wod: 5 Rounds


10 KB snatches 45/25#

10 Knees to elbows

4 Deadlift 225/135#

CORE: 3×15 Back Extension/3×20 Russian Twists

WOD Feb 21st

Remember to sign up for class on-line so Dan and I can see who is coming to what class and at what time so we can prepare for the class.  Thanks!!!

Strength:  5×5 Clean

WOD: 3 Rounds for Time

15 wall balls

15 SDLHP 95/55

15 burpees over the bar

CORE: 3×20 Toes to ball 20/15/8#        3×10 Floor Sweepers 135/65#