Wod Feb 1


Deadlift 55% x5, 62.5%x5, 67.5%x3x10 percentages based off of 90% orm


buy in 100 dbl unders

21-15-9 reps

Thruster 115/85#

toes to bar

Cash out: 100 dbl unders

Wod Jan 31

Hello all! I don’t feel like I get on here enough and explain my plans or just give you guys insight into my ideas and philosophy on helping you become the  most fit you can become. As you all have noticed we have started a new strength program and before I go into details of the program let me tell you about my experience with gaining strength.

In my experience with trying to gain strength and the goal to get that all important PR, there are hills and valleys.  I have had days in my journey for strength where a weight that is 100 lbs under my PR feels impossible to move or mentally I’m thinking ” you know what Jake you don’t need to workout today, it’s just not your day.”  There isn’t an athlete out there who hasn’t had this same conversation with themselves and if someone tells you they haven’t they are lying. The mentality that separates the great athletes from the ones that almost achieve their goals are the people that take those days where everything feels heavy, or the motivation is lacking and push past internal barriers and give everything they have that day. These are the days when the biggest improvements made made, not on the  days when everything feels light. Don’t get me wrong the days when everything feels light push yourself and go for it, but the true gains come from difficult days.

Now I’m off to explain the new strength program. You have probably noticed it has started off very light and confusing from all the different percentages. This is a program that is designed to have you not reach failure. The idea behind it is if you don’t reach failure your body and mind will be that much more ready for the next strength session without being overtaxed.  This type of strength training will not only improve recovery but also improve confidence, which is a huge factor in strength training.  All in all trust in me, the programming and most of all have fun!

Strength:  shoulder press:


55%x5, 62.5%x5, 67.5%x3x10

remember all percentages are based off of 90% orm


50 box jumps 24/20

@ 10 stop and do 20 hr push ups

@ 20 stop and do 20 ball slams

@ 30 stop and do 20 ab mat sit ups

@ 40 stop and do 20 kb swings 53/35

@ 50 stop and do 20 power cleans

finish with 50 burpees

Wod Jan 30

Strength: 3×5 bent over row

skill practice: kipping HSPU 10 min




deadlift 225/155


Core : 50 half moons

Wod Jan 29th


EMOM 7 min: one squat snatch plus one snatch balance heavy as possible



5 rounds for time:

6 front squats 155/105

9 ctb pull ups

200 m run

Core: max plank hold

Wod Jan 28th

Strength: back squat

55%x5, 62.5%x5, 67.5%x3x10


7 minute AMRAP of:

75 Double-Unders
20 Lateral Burpees (over BB)
10 Hang Power Snatches 95/65#

 Core:  plate sit ups x 50

Wod Jan 25

Sean and Sheena’s going away party is on for tomorrow night at the Couch. The Couch is located at Madison and San Juan. The party begins at 7 pm until whenever you feel like leaving. Lets have fun and send them off right!


Strength: 5×10  Deadlift @ 60% of 90% of your 1rm try to have your numbers calculated prior to showing up for class.


wall balls x 100

ab-mat sit ups x 50

push press x 25 (115/75#)

ring dips x 15

for time!

Wod Jan 24

Strength: power clean and jerk work up to heavy one rep or work technique (10min)


5 min max distance row

immediately followed by:

10 hspu

50 dbl unders

x 4 rounds

Core 3 min max kte

Wod Jan 23

I have some sad news for StompinGround.  Sean and Sheena are moving to Santa Cruz. Sean and Sheena have been with use for a longtime and are a huge part of the StompinGround family and will be truly missed. They did say they would be back often though. What we are going to do is send them off right with a going away party this Saturday at “The Couch.” I will update you guys with the time things will kick off. Those who don’t know Sean got offered a great opportunity with CrossFit media and we are all super proud!



Strength: bench press 5×10 @ 60%

Wod: 12 min AMRAP

kb swing 53/35 (15 reps)

goblet squat 53/35 (20 reps)

100m single side farmers carry 53/35

40 plate sit-ups

Wod Jan 22

10 min to work up to a heavy snatch. If form is off Work light but go for technique and speed.


5 rounds

10 burpee over box

8 power cleans 155/105

40 dbl unders


Core: 3×10 windmills

Wod Jan 21


Back Squat
2 reps for 10 sets on the minute, 80%

– Then –

15 minute AMRAP
10 pullups
15 pushups
20 air squats