WOD July 31st

So there will be some new faces in the Gym! We are doing our second Groupon starting today!! So tell your friends and family because it will last up to 2-3 days and will be a huge discount! This might be the time to get in your friend, co-worker, uncle or whoever in our doors to join our club. Along with new faces we will be having some scheduling changes that will hopefully make it better for both our current clients and to all the new ones. The schedule will change on Monday August 6th!!!

To our Current Clients- So we will have 2 of our 10 A.M and 5:30 P.M classes turned into On-Ramp/Groupon Classes due to the high volume of people and different levels of training. We choose these classes because they were not high in participation. If you come to these classes regularly, we apologize and hope you can sign up for an earlier or later class. (If cant switch classes, please contact Dan or Jake so we can work something out) Please welcome our new prospects with open arms; shake their hands, and bring them into our small community and family. Thanks so Much! You make the gym what it is today!

To all Future Clients- You will have to participate in our 5 ON RAMP Classes or have a year of experience in CrossFit Movements before you can move to our Level One WOD Class. Here is the Description below. Please go to our Schedule and follow directions to sign up for your First Class! You do not have to do your on ramp classes in order from 1-5 or have to finish in one week. We do want you to get all 5 so you have our core knowledge and movements. Welcome! Call us for any questions or come stop in to check it out.

In our StompinGround ON-RAMP COURSE we will cover:

-What is Crossfit? What is Fitness?

-Your current fitness level, diet, goals

-What we do at StompinGround

-Some basic introductory movements


There are 5 required classes that are offered twice during the week. If a client does not make it to a class, there is a make up on Saturdays and Sundays at 10 am during open gym. Each class has a designed workout at the end of the instruction. (Participation is required). Below is the Times for all 5 of the classes.

Class 1: Mon @ 10:00 A.M or 6:30 P.M

Class 2: Tues @ 6:30 A.M. or 5:30 P.M

Class 3: Wed @ 6:30 A.M. or 6:30 P.M

Class 4: Thurs @ 10:00 A.M or 6:30 P.M

Class 5: Fri @ 6:30 A.M or 5:30 P.M

Strength:  5 x 2  Front Squats (go HEAVY on all 5 sets; 1 Min Break between sets)

Skills:  Max HSPU x 3 Rounds (Take 1 Minute off in between sets)


8 Minute AMRAP of:

10 Burpee Box Jumps

100 Meter Run

10 Wall Balls

100 Meter Run

Core: 100 Situps for Time

WOD July 30th

So the Wod Gear Team Series was worth the drive! Team StompinGround made a strong showing and took 13th out of 75 teams. We were proud to go up against some stacked teams and have a solid day! Congrats to Rocklin CrossFit!! They took 1st Place over a team of Games Individuals and proved how amazing they are! We are proud to call you friends and happy to have such strong showing from NorCal! The Rose Bowl was so amazing to workout in and we cant wait for next year!

Strength: 5 x 1 Shoulder Press (Find you Max Shoulder Press in 5 tries)


4 Rounds for Time of:

Run 200 Meters

7 Squat Cleans 155/105

10 Toes to Bar

Rest 1 Min

Core: Tabata Russian Twists x 8

WOD July 27th

Well the team is heading down to Pasadena for the WOD Gear Team Series at the Rose Bowl!!   We are very excited and want to thank everyone for all the support! We feel very loved and we hope you all know how much you mean to us!! Thanks so Much and we will try to keep you updated. Also this Sunday we have to cancel class because we will all be away at the event. Sorry for the inconvenience and we will see you Monday. Do not hesitate to come in Saturday at workout with Sean!

Strength: 1 x 20 High Bar Back Squat (Warm up with 2 x 5 of light weight)

Skills: 400 Meter Sprint for Time


AMRAP in 8 Minutes of:

7 Deadlifts 185/105

10 Burpee Box Jumps

7 Pullups

Core: 12 Turkish Get ups (As Heavy as Possible, 6 Each Arm)

WOD July 26th

Some People are getting better!!! So Kristin (see left) has been going to gymnastics class with Amber and look now what she can do now!! Hope to see you guys at the next class! Dates and Times to follow in the next few days!


5 x 2 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Push Jerk (Do both Hang Power Cleans and do not drop the bar in between reps and after the second rep do 1 Push Jerk to finish the set. Increase Weight each set)

Skills: 5 Minutes to wor on Double Unders


3 Rounds of:

10 OHS 95/65


Rest 1 min, then do:

3 Rounds of:

10 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65

50 Double Unders

*each 3 Rounds should be all out!! You have a built in 1 min rest

Core: 30 Half Moons for time

WOD July 25th

Here is another “Baseline” Wed WOD. We have Ginger coming in today to coach you up on it. Ginger has plenty of experience and passion and we are so pumped to have her helping us out more and more. So be nice and remember that “Karen” will be the one making you sore!

Strength: 10 Minutes to Work on Snatch Technique (Work on all 3 positions- Ground, Knees and Hips)

Skills: Ring Dips, Muscle Ups



150 Wall Balls for Time 20/14

Core: 12 Skin the Cats (if you are proficient as these do 18 reps for time)

WOD July 24th

Strength:  3 x 10 Shoulder Press (Heaviest as Possible. Do NOT dip. This is a Strict Press. Take 60 Seconds off between sets)


Row 1000 Meters

1 Min Rest

Then do:

5 Rounds of

7 Thrusters 105/65

7 Toes to Bar

Core:  Tabata Plank Pushups x 6 rounds

WOD July 23rd

Thanks so Much for everyone who showed up and did the TEAM WOD with us on Saturday. It was a Blast and we really appreciate it the push for our upcoming competition in Pasadena on Saturday.

Also Thanks for who showed up for the gymnastic class yesterday! Thank you to Amber and Mariah for kicking our butts without a bar or weights (stretching was hard) To be honest though we really would like to see more of our members participate in this great opportunity for great gymnastic training in a amazing facility. If you have any suggestions how we can get you in the door (time, date, etc…) please let the Staff know.

The schedule might be a little light this week because we are traveling down south on fri. We will try to staff all classes and maybe Ginger might even make another appearance. We are thankful to have such great people be there for us to fill in!

Strength:  5 x 2 Tempo Deadlifts  (3 Seconds up and 3 seconds down; make sure to get both Reps in a Row without dropping the bar)

Skills: 7 minutes to work on Ring Dips and/or Kipping, Chest to Bar and Butterfly Pullups


4 Rounds for time of:

5 Squat Snatches 115/75

10 HSPU  (Motification: 20 HR Pushups)

7 Chest to Bar Pullups

50 Meter DB Farmers Carry 45/25

Core: 100 Situps for time

WOD July 20th

Strength: Max Pullups x 3 taking 60 seconds off between sets (if using band, go to a one size smaller band)

Skill: Rowing- 500 Meter Row for time


21-15-9 of:

Deadlifts 205/135

Box Jumps

* 30 DBL Unders after each round of 21-15-9

Core: 30 Bar Rollouts

WOD July 19th

This Saturday we are going to get out of the gym and do an OUTDOOR WOD!! We will meet at the gym at 0900 and make our way over to the undisclosed location for a fun outdoor WOD. The schedule will show one class at 0900. Please sign up to let us know if you can make it. More details to follow later.

Strength:  3 x 8 High Bar Back Squat


AMRAP in 8 Minutes of:

5 Hang Cleans 95/65

5 Push Press 95/65

*Every Minute on the Minute do 5 Burpees

Core:  60 Russian Twists

WOD July 18th

To all CFSG Members! There will be no Classes at the gym this Sunday! Join us for some Gymnastics Training in West Sac for our second OFF CAMPUS SUNDAY!

Please Join us in at the International Gymnastics Centre in West Sacramento on Sunday July 22nd from 0800-0930 for some basic gymnastics training for all ages and levels! We are excited and proud to be coached by one of our very own CrossFitters- Amber Graupner, who is one of the head Gymnastics Coaches at the Facility.

1260 Triangle Ct
West Sacramento, CA 95605

(916) 372-4496


Strength:  3 x 8 Shoulder Press


5 Rounds For Time
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats 95/65

CORE: None