WOD July 7th

IT IS Partner WOD Day!!! Have fun and work together

Strength: 3 x 3 Push Press (Heavier than last week)

Skill: 7 Minutes to work on Toes to Bar, Kipping Pullups


TEAM FIGHT GONE BAD(2 person team)

Each Station of WB, SDHP, Box Jumps, Push Press, and Rowing are 1 Minute a piece and go in that order. 1 person working at a time, you have to go to each station as a team and do total reps in each min.  No Rest Between Stations Or Rounds.

3 Rounds of:

Wall Ball (20/14)
SDHP (75/55): Scaled: (55/45)
Box Jumps (20″): Same
Push Press (75/55): Scaled: (55/45)
Row (Calories): Same

CORE: none

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